Best Essential Oils for Focus

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Juniper Berry oilLife in the 21st Century has never been more stressful. The pressures put on us both at home and at work mean we have to do more and more, often for less. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day but we need to continually perform at our best despite being tired or worn out.

Focusing on the task in hand is essential for the best results. Many people are now turning to natural remedies they can work into their routine so they can get the most out of their daily life.

Essential oils are now used by people all around the world as alternatives to traditional medicines. They help battle health issues like infections, aid with healing and increase recovery times. They’re also being used to help perk people up for maximum concentration and focus.

Essential Oils for Focus

The most common cause for lapses in concentration is of course fatigue. We’re working more and sleeping less so it’s not surprising but if we want to keep our standards high then we’ll need something to help prop us up.

Essential oils have been specially designed to help with battle fatigue, wake you up and clear your thought processes. Essential oils and blends have been created so that they’re transportable and effective meaning you can use them wherever you are.

Essential oils let you move away from the harmful effects of caffeine and you can limit your coffee intake. Instead they offer a more natural, gentle solution to the problem.

Key Properties of Essential Oils for Focus

 Large number of essential oils and blends have been manufactured to help provide a solution to the problem, but they have different levels of effectiveness. We’ve identified what we consider the best ingredients to look out for when selecting your natural remedy:

  • Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit has always been associated with significant health benefits, and grapefruit oil has been nicknamed the natural energiser. With it’s citrus scent is helps awaken your mind and banish fatigue. It also helps remove any mental fog or blocks that can stop you thinking clearly. A great product to help with focus and concentration.

  • Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper berry oil is used as in a number of skin care remedies but also has a number of properties which make it useful for focus and concentration. It’s been shown to reduce stress and anxiety allowing you to think clearly and get rid of any frustrations of the day.

  • Frankincense Oil

With a distinctive, pleasant, scent Frankincense oil is used to help heal you spiritually. It’s been known to calm and quieten the mind, separating you from any depressing thoughts or anxiety you can experience making it very useful for a clear focused mind.

Each of these has been proven to help increase your focus and concentration and you should be looking for products containing these ideally. There’s a full list of the best ingredients and products here:

Choosing the right essential oil for better focus

Natural remedies are showing good results for a lot of people without the possible side effects for chemicals. It’s worth taking the time to explore the products out there but there are a lot available in stores and online fairly cheaply.

For a full list of the best essential oils to help with focus go to: