parents-are-still-drawn-to-onesiesNew parents may not realize that there are a number of different types of onesies. For those not wanting to buy onesies that irritate the child or that are frustrating to put on, we have listed a few things for parents to look out for.
Not all baby onesies are made from the same type of materials. Some are much softer than others and will be gentler on the baby’s skin. Others are made with harsh dyes and chemicals or have been sprayed to make them look crisper. Parents should be aware of these differences and shop accordingly, buying clothes that will be safe for their child and that will feel comfortable when worn.
They should be careful of decorations, tags and other items that come into contact with the baby’s skin. In many cases, it is better to go with something very simple for newborn babies when buying onesies. Anything attached to the basic outfit can chafe the skin or cause irritation, perhaps creating a rash.
Parents should look for onesies that open from the front and that are easy to open and close. The best onesies are the ones that open all the way down the legs, allowing for easy access to change a diaper, should the parent need to while the baby is wearing the onesie. This means the parent won’t have to take off the entire onesie just to change a diaper, and that can save the parent and child a lot of frustration.
Parents should also take time to read reviews of different onesies they are considering. They can learn more about how other people’s experiences with the onesies were and whether that is the kind of one they would like to buy for their own child. This is particularly important when they are looking for baby onesies online, as they may not have as many details about the product as they would like, and they can rely on other people’s accounts of the products to get a good idea of whether it is right for them or not.
This is especially helpful when shopping online at sites like baby onesies. While the product descriptions can help parents make the right decisions, they need to know what they should be looking for and not choose something they will end up regretting later.